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The part of Genre-Based Activities into the Writing of Argumentative Essays in EFL

El papel de actividades basadas en gйneros en la escritura de ensayos argumentativos en inglйs como lengua extranjera

Pedro Antonio Chala Bejarano *
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia
Claudia Marcela Chapetуn **
Universidad Pedagуgica Nacional, Colombia
* email: pchala@javeriana.edu.co
** email: cchapeton@pedagogica.edu.co

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This informative article presents the findings of a action scientific study carried out with a team of pre-service instructors of an application in contemporary languages at an university that is colombian. The study meant to exceed an focus on linguistic and textual features in English as a language argumentative essays by utilizing a couple of genre-based tasks in addition to knowledge of writing as a situated practice that is social.

Summer time school time three:What did we do?

We started the day outside of the Eliasson event. Asia and Yemi assigned every one of us among the five senses, then asked us to face in line through the feeling many respected in education towards the one minimum respected. Our line had been, in descending purchase, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. We had been expected to face in the order of the feeling we most chosen – and also the bulk opted for sight. ( not likely too astonishing for a lot of people thinking about art!). We had been challenged to give some thought to the hierarchy of sensory faculties in education, and start thinking about just how this could be especially burdensome for neuro-diverse young adults and grownups.

We were then provided a case which included five sensory tools to play with when you look at the event. All of us had headphones and a mirror; there have been many different tools for flavor, smell and touch.