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Come On! How Will You Inform Whenever Women Can Be Finished With Intercourse?

Sex has ended whenever one or both lovers do not wish to own it anymore, either since they both feel pleased or simply because one or both are completed with the entire works for the full time being.

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Liam asks:

I understand for some guy, sex is finished when he ejaculates. However when may be the intercourse over for a lady? Because I’ve always been told in intercourse ed that the guy is “finished” when he cums & that girls don’t constantly ejaculate while having sex. But we never truly considered to enquire about whenever a woman is “finished. ” Then when does a man understand the intercourse has completed for both, in the event that woman doesn’t“finish off” always like guys do?

Heather replies:

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For males or females, sex has ended when one or both partners don’t want to own it anymore, either since they both feel content with the intercourse that they had, or simply because one partner or both, whether or not the intercourse didn’t end in orgasm, or feel they desired it to, simply seems finished with the complete works rather than extremely thinking about intercourse anymore.

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