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Is work stress following you to the bedroom? Decide to try these 7 guidelines from a sex therapist


A condom can really help avoid maternity and infections that are sexually transmitted) when utilized properly while having sex.


Make use of a condom precisely:

  • Shop condoms in a very good, dry spot: usually do not have them in your wallet or pocket for a long period because temperature may harm the condom.
  • Utilize condoms with an extra type of security: The simplest way to guard both you and your partner is by using a condom having a sponge, cervical limit, or spermicide. Pose a question to your doctor for details about other types of contraception.
  • Make use of a brand new condom every time you have got sex: don't use condoms after dark termination date. Make certain the package is sealed as well as in sound condition. Start the package very very very carefully.
  • Look at the condom during intercourse: Should your condom rolls up during sex, roll it back off. If it slips down, replace it with a brand new one.
  • Utilize water-based lubricant: it must be water-based lubricant if you use lubricant. Don't use petroleum ointment, cooking oil, mineral oil, cream or saliva since these may harm the condom. In case it is useful for anal sex, usage additional lubricant to stop the condom from breaking.
  • Wash after intercourse: both you and your partner should clean both hands and genitals completely after intercourse to simply help prevent STIs.

Simple tips to put a condom on:

  • Position the rolled condom within the tip of the erect penis: if you're maybe not circumcised, pull right back your foreskin before you place the condom on.