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Jose Canseco Loses a Finger, While Daniel Colman Wags One at Hellmuth

Resigned MLB star Jose Canseco lost a finger (again) during a poker tournament last week.

Jose Canseco was the figure that is central a weekend for the poker world that has been filled with fingers: some missing, some pointed at prominent names in the poker community. In Canseco's case, he seemingly have lost the same hand for the 2nd time in about a month, a thing that few individuals (with any luck) will ever get to experience.

In belated October, Canseco was in the news for inadvertently shooting himself in the hand. According to Canseco, the incident happened while he was cleaning their gun in his kitchen. He finished up shooting their finger, which then needed to be surgically reattached. It appears some surgeons are more skilled than other people at digital fixes, though.

Finger Comes Off During Poker Tournament

According to a tweet sent down by Canseco on Friday, nevertheless, the hand became detached once again while he was playing in a poker tournament Thursday evening.

' I became playing in a poker tournament final night and my hand fell of,' Canseco tweeted. 'Someone took a video of it.'

Thankfully, Canseco didn't post that video, however there is at least one expected image of his finger before it dropped off. As gruesome as the incident may sound, however, Canseco said that this result might have been inevitable from the time he shot himself.

'My finger needs been amputated right from the sta