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Alleged Italian Mafia Soccer Match-Fixing Scandal Results In 50 Plus Arrests

Dozens of people, including players, coaches, and directors from over 30 soccer teams, are under investigation in relation to alleged Mafia-related match-fixing in the Italian lower leagues.

Match-fixing is an ongoing problem in the sports world today, while the behind-the-scenes drama could often be crazier than fiction. Latest to enter this saga is definitely an soccer that is italian debacle, with more than 50 arrests.

The sweep was made in Italy on match-fixing charges related to 'dozens' of games played into the country's 3rd and tier that is fourth leagues.

Crime Syndicate Ties Alleged

A further 70 are under investigation, police stated this week, as it announced a probe that is ongoing huge match-fixing community that includes among its ranks players, coaches, and directors from over 30 teams, with a few of those charged having links to your Cosa Nostra Mafia as well as the 'Ndrangheta criminal activity syndicate.

A police officer is also considered among the arrestees, who're faced with conspiracy to commit fraud that is sporting.

The arrests come as part of an inquiry spearheaded by anti-Mafia prosecutors in the town that is southern of. Police said they are analyzing results that are suspicious many games, featuring, among other people, Akragas, L'Aquila, Barletta, Brindisi, Montalto, Neapolis Mugnano, Pro Patria, Puteolana, San Severo, Santarcangelo, Sorrento, Torres, and Vigor-Lam