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Building a continuing company cleverness dashboard for your Amazon Lex bots

You’ve rolled down an interface that is conversational by Amazon Lex, with an objective of improving the consumer experience for the clients. Now you desire to monitor how well it is working. Are your web visitors finding it helpful? Exactly exactly How will they be utilizing it? Do they enjoy it adequate to keep coming back? How will you evaluate their interactions to add more functionality? Without having a clear view into your bot’s user interactions, concerns such as these may be tough to answer. The present launch of conversation logs for Amazon Lex makes it simple to obtain visibility that is near-real-time just how your Lex bots are doing, according to real bot interactions. All bot interactions can be stored in Amazon CloudWatch Logs log groups with conversation logs. You should use this conversation information to monitor your bot and gain insights that are actionable improving your bot to enhance an individual experience for the customers.

In a previous post, we demonstrated how exactly to allow discussion logs and employ CloudWatch Logs Insights to analyze your bot interactions. This post goes one action further by showing you the way to integrate by having an Amazon QuickSight dashboard to get company insights.