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Can a Wife stay Deported if She Filed for Divorce?

Non-citizens could possibly get a fast road to usa citizenship by marrying a U.S. resident, but those marriages do not constantly exercise. Be it as the wedding started as being a sham or developed issues across the means, divorces may have citizenship implications. Dependent on just how long the partners had been hitched and which type of residence the non-citizen partner has, she could face deportation upon divorce or separation.

Conditional Permanent Residence

An alien partner gets conditional permanent residence considering her wedding to a citizen that is american. This residency status is conditional for 2 years, so marriages that terminate before couple of years causes a challenge when it comes to spouse that is non-citizen immigration status. Generally speaking, in the event that wedding concludes even though the spouse that is alien nevertheless a conditional permanent resident, divorce proceedings terminates that conditional residency. The alien spouse could be eligible for deportation since she no longer has a legal-residence status without this special residency status.

Comprehensive Permanent Residence

After the non-citizen partner passes the two-year conditional residency period, her resident spouse can petition on her to have unconditional, complete residence that is permanent.