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There are many different types of essays. Essay types include argumentative essay, expository essay, cause and effect essay, compare and contrast essay, narrative essay, as well as other kinds of academic writing. Students become familiar with all those essay types whilst in school. These essay types help students to develop different varieties of writing. Students must certanly be taught to effectively use their writing style and also to affect different readers. While writing an essay, it's important for just about any student to know what sorts of essay he/she is going to write because every type of essay has its own characteristics that are individual.

Difficulties of essay types writing

As an example, compare and contrast essays are focused on finding similarities and differences when considering two objects or two events, etc.

“Furthermore studies show that mental performance operates better after a distraction from a task that is structured as studying.”

Then finish the sentence with “Therefore recreational time through the students’ schedule would have detrimental effects.”

Also, not the greater amount of vocabulary that is specific.

I’m talking about “schedule”

This can be good vocabulary because it is vocabulary only linked to education or specially associated with education.

So that it shows the examiner I’ve got rich vocabulary.

“Many people say that globalization therefore the growing amount of multinational companies have a negative effect on the environment.”

“to what extent to you agree or disagree.”

“Use specific reasons and examples to guide your position.”

So what’s the crooks associated with the question?

“That globalization and companies that are multinational damaging the environment. Having a poor effect.”

So first: Globalization, definitely damaging environmental surroundings.

I possibly could be long. I possibly could give a long and complex, more accurate answer saying that:

“Globalization is increasing the price of world economic resources which can be therefore enhancing the price of substitute products (or rival products) such as for example ecological energy from wind farms blah that is… blah, blah…”

But the examiner does care n’t.