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My Nigerian engagement ceremony br identity crisis

I am generally speaking associated with the belief that your particular wedding just isn't constantly in regards to you, however it should reflect you: your thinking, your values, as well as your community. One of several responses because that was one of our goals in planning the event that we heard most often about our wedding was: "It was so… you, " and I loved it. I believe that is the reason We struggled so much with my emotions in regards to the Nigerian engagement ceremony that we had the week before our wedding. The entire occasion had been simply therefore maybe maybe not me personally, generally not very.

This really is me personally right before the ceremony: unsure exactly how we appear and feel (and my capacity to walk in those heels). Picture by Genevieve Burruss. Please comprehend, whenever we state it was not "me, " I do not suggest because i am perhaps perhaps perhaps not Nigerian (although i am maybe maybe maybe not). I am talking about that the aesthetic had been vibrant and over-the-top while We tend towards minimalist and quirky. I am talking about that there have been duplicated recommendations to beliefs that are religious cultural values that i actually do not share. After all that the (American) food had mushrooms on it (that we dislike) plus the accent color had been pink (again, perhaps not an admirer). I became in heels as opposed to flats with earrings that hurt my ears, and we also very nearly entirely missed supper for a costume modification. We invested a lot of the feeling like a life-size doll evening.

Let me explain with a summary of a Nigerian engagement ceremony…

(Disclaimer: it is my understanding after nine months of planning, and another time of coping with it, much less some body raised into the tradition.